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No lights, no camera, no editing.

Just speak out & Inspire!


Voice your mind in 3-min audio bytes!


👋 50,000+ noobs are here. Join us, we've reserved a spot!


Share your knowledge in 3 mins or less

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Find your tribe.
Get inspired.

🎙 Record original noobles or simply answer questions.

No editing required!


🤓 Grasp an idea in minutes. No need to sit through hour long podcasts or live-audio.

You're in control!


👩‍🎨 Discover fellow noobs, join communities and have unexpected experiences!

Share your knowledge via 3 min audio clips
Discover a personalised infinite feed of contentof
Build your audience and share with ease

Noobs are having a great time! 🥳

Nooble is the place to be for audio and podcasts
Nooble is the future of social audio and podcasts
Nooble is redefining how people communicate via voice

Get Nooble.

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